B.S. in Bioinformatics


The field of Bioinformatics is rooted in the massive databases generated by worldwide DNA sequencing projects and by ever widening 3-dimensional protein structure studies. Mining the wealth of biological and chemical information contained in these databases requires the tools of computer science and statistics. Bioinformatics approaches have already led to countless scientific, medical, and agricultural breakthroughs that would have taken decades to achieve without the foresight of a small number of visionary scientists and programmers. This major provides students with the training, skills, and opportunity to become charter members of this exciting, ground-breaking discipline with virtually limitless post-graduate educational and career advancement possibilities for years to come. Loyola is home to a superb group of faculty members already working at the interfaces of these four disciplines, who are combining their expertise to offer students this unique educational opportunity. This interdisciplinary major has its detailed web pages at http://www.luc.edu/bioinformatics.


Please see http://www.luc.edu/bioinformatics/academics_bs.shtml.