Ph.D. Preparation

(MS in Computer Science with the thesis track)

Core computer science areas are important, and research involving them is even more important. The prime question for Ph.D. references is “Does this person have a high potential for independent research?” and this must be demonstrated in engagement with the academic community through papers, presentations, and conference posters. Engagement with research faculty is strongly encouraged in entering the program.

Consider these courses:

Many of these courses could vary depending on specific research interests.

Recent Thesis titles:

  • Andrew Phillips. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for the Identification of Alcohol Misuse In Trauma Patients. Aug 2018.
  • Pinky Sindhu. Toddler Activity Recognition using Machine Learning. Aug 2018.
  • Anne Zhao. A mobile app demonstrating sensory neural codes through an efficient coding of collected images and sounds. May 2017.
  • Ilona Shparii. Real-time fall detection and response on mobile phones using machine learning. May 2017.
  • Pichleap Sok. Activity Recognition for Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Subjects Using a Hidden Markov Model. May 2016.

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