M.S. in Computer Science: Computer Systems

For a general overview of the MS in Computer Science, including the curriculum and prerequisite/preparation courses (for those without a computer science degree), please see M.S. in Computer Science.

Major Requirements (6 Credits/2 classes)

The following two (2) courses are required by the program:

Either class above can be substituted with another graduate course under the discretion of GPD if students had their equivalent in their undergraduate program.


Students who have taken undergraduate Loyola classes:

Many 400-level courses in the department have closely related 300-level analogues, e.g. COMP 443: Computer Networks and COMP 343: Computer Networks. Students who enter the MS program after taking a Loyola course in this category must choose to take 400-level courses that are not closely related to any 300-level courses taken earlier, unless they have GPD permission.

Computer Systems Concentration (12 Credits/4 classes)


Students may petition the GPD to substitute COMP 460 with an extra course from the cybersecurity concentration list below.


COMP 410: Operating Systems is a required course for the Computer Systems Concentration

The department may declare that other newly created permanent courses may count. Similarly, some Topics in Computer Science offerings (temporary courses) may also be designated. Students are responsible for verifying any such substitutions in advance with their Graduate Program Director.

General Electives (12 credit hours/4 classes)

MSCS students must take 12 credits of other electives.

Electives can be any COMP 400 level class, except the preparation courses (COMP 400A, COMP 400B, COMP 400C, COMP 400D, COMP 400E)

The elective course options are common for all programs, differing only in the total number of credits required.

There are numerous options for independent study, including a programming project, research, or a service-oriented project.


Students may take up to a maximum of 6 credit hours of COMP 490: Independent Project and/or COMP 499: Internship.