Graduate Degree Programs

Program Offerings

The following graduate programs are offered by the Loyola CS Department. Each program has tracks for students to specialize in. These can be viewed in each programs respective webpage.


Undergraduates presently in our department with a strong background are urged to consider overlapping one of these programs with their undergraduate work via the BS/MS Dual Degree Programs.

  • The M.S. in Computer Science is more foundational, requiring you to get experience with a broad range of core computer science concepts. It is our only program with a Thesis Option. Students from this program are the ones most likely to go on to a Ph.D. program. This program now has four concentrations: Computer Science (default), Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Computer Systems.

  • The M.S. in Information Technology is management and business process facing. It is distinguished from a pure business degree by its requirement and frequent use of basic programming and other technical skills. If you end up managing technical workers, you will have an edge over those with pure business degrees. Read to see the general program and the special opportunities for a totally online version. This program has four tracks: Data Management, Technology Management, IT Security, and Enterprise Networking

  • The M.S. in Information Technology Online

  • The M.S. in Software Engineering is focused on knowledge and abilities to produce high-quality software for many different domains.

  • The M.A. in Digital Humanities is a separate interdisciplinary program, partnered with Computer Science.

Program Prerequisites

All students need the equivalent knowledge of COMP 400A: Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming and COMP 400B: Data Structures I. This knowledge is a prerequisite to essentially all the graduate courses in the Computer Science Department with the exception of COMP 417: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing.

M.S in Computer Science


The Computer Science has more prerequisites than other programs.

Students in the Computer Science Graduate Program need the strongest preparation. Most will have an undergraduate degree or at least the first two years of foundational undergraduate courses. This would include the addition of equivalents of our COMP 400C: Data Structures II, COMP 400D: Introduction to Computing Tools and Techniques, and COMP 400E: Discrete Structures to the two courses already listed above. In particular advanced undergraduate algorithm background is required before taking the required graduate course, COMP 460: Algorithms and Complexity.

M.S in Software Engineering

Students in the Software Engineering Graduate Program need to add equivalents of our COMP 400C: Data Structures II and COMP 400D: Introduction to Computing Tools and Techniques to the two courses already listed above.

M.S in Information Technology

Students in the Information Technology Graduate Program don’t have additional prerequisites.

M.S in Information Technology (online)

Students in the Information Technology Graduate Program don’t have additional prerequisites.

Missing Prerequisites

If you are missing prerequisites, you can fulfill the requirements by taking them at Loyola.


You are a Graduate Student even if you are just taking the prerequisites.

Further Information

Graduate Handbook

The Graduate Handbook is a separate document which has administrative and admissions information for the graduate program.

Content in the handbook should be looked over regularly for changes and new information.

Applicant Specific Information

Applicants should note the Graduate Handbook sections for Prospective students and Teaching Assistantships and Financial Aid

Enrolled Student Specific Information

Once you are enrolled, the section for ongoing reference will be Regulations and Procedures.

Time Requirements

Normally it takes 16 months for full-time students to earn a M.S. in Computer Science, M.S. in Information Technology, or M.S. in Software Engineering from Loyola.

Though rarely an issue, there is a five-year overall time limit, and this period may be extended only by special action of the Dean of the Graduate School.


The M.S. in Computer Science may need extra time if the Thesis Option is chosen. Students who attend part-time normally take 2-3 years.

Pursuing Multiple M.S. Degrees

We are often asked about whether it is possible to complete more than one M.S. degree (e.g. an M.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Software Engineering). The answer is no unless you complete 60 hours of study. 30 hours of courses for each degree.

It is impractical and expensive, and we don’t think it serves students well. Our goal is to prepare you for a serious career (professional and/or academic) after completing one graduate degree.

Non-Degree and Continuing Education Students

Students who wish to continue taking courses may do so after completing their degree as non-degree students. We also encourage our students to maintain connections through our professional and social networking groups. Many of our students continue to be involved in research laboratories at Loyola.