COMP 398: Independent Study

Course Information


The student and a sponsoring faculty member will determine an advanced topic for the student to work on.


Independent study of selected topics in computer science under the supervision of a faculty member.

The Process

  • Find a professor who is interested in supervising what you want to do, or who has a project in mind that you are interested in doing. Look to professors you have had, or look at the research page on the web describing ongoing projects, or just ask professors.

  • Discuss details of what your work will entail, the number of units of credit, and the expectations for grading.

  • Write an email back to the professor, confirming the details of your discussion. Also include the semester you want to register, the number of units, and your student number (to aid the final registration). All this data is essential.

  • The professor should respond, copying your data, and agreeing with your request and the email should be copied to

  • The department administrator should email all concerned when the

    registration is completed.


Knowledge of an advanced topic.


See the Current Course Syllabi.