COMP 380: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Course Information


This course introduces modern theory and practices in 3-D computer graphics, stressing real-time interactive applications using libraries like OpenGL.

The requirements for the course are some familiarity with C or C++, basic linear algebra (matrices and vector geometry), and differential calculus.


Computer graphics is the art and science of producing images using a computer. We will study the theory of computer graphics, in particular 3D rendering, while gaining a working knowledge of the OpenGL graphics library. Much of the computer graphics we see in the media were created using software based on the Open GL graphics library, which has quickly become an industry standard.

A word of warning-computer graphics makes considerable use of mathematics-elementary linear algebra, vector analysis, and differential calculus.

Other Information

There will be 7-8 programming assignments, a midterm, and a final. You will probably do your assignments using Visual C++ under either Windows 95 or Windows NT.


The student will learn how to program real-time interactive applications using libraries like OpenGL.


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