COMP 336: Markup Languages

Course Information


This course is concerned with XML and its various component frameworks. The core frameworks to be covered include Document Object Model (DOM), Simple API for XML Processing (SAX), the XML Path Language (XPath), and XSLT.


This course covers Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its applications. This course will cover the core XML component frameworks, including XSLT (a transformational approach) and the various W3C specifications for manipulating XML documents programmatically, including the DOM and SAX frameworks. As well, this course will cover some advanced topics, including how to manage large XML documents and integration with databases.

Students should expect the programming to be somewhat involved (intermediate to advanced). Most of the programming is based on straightforward data structures, such as trees, lists, and maps (collections found in Java). You are encouraged to study these topics on your own. Little time will be spent rehashing this preliminary knowledge.


HTML will be occasionally used in this course; however, this course is not about HTML and students may want to acquire an HTML book and study it briefly before taking this course. This course is not about making cool web pages. The course has almost nothing to do with web pages and is focused more on modeling and the emergent notion of web services.


After taking this course, students will have a working knowledge of XML and its connections to other ideas such as HTML, object models, relational databases, and network services.


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