COMP 323: Game Design and Development

Course Information


This semester-long course will offer CS department students a practical introduction to Game Design and Development. Underlying concepts will be introduced and demonstrated throughout the course with a particular focus on working examples and playtesting.


Students will gain practical experience in design and development, which is applied as part of the project-based assessment for the course.

Throughout the course, students will also be exposed to the many and various types of games and gaming environments now available across multiple genres.

The course has been structured to provide logical groupings of common technologies, which complement each other in the development of games and games-based applications.

As such, this course will offer a combination of technical concepts and development, awareness of aesthetic requirements, and cultural perspectives inherently necessary to create well-rounded, performant games, and gaming environments.


Students will acquire an awareness of different game design and development methods, technologies, and techniques suitable for the development of a variety of game-based environments.


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