COMP 314/315: Problem Solving Strategies

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This course allows students to sharpen problem-solving skills along with, or as part of, the ACM Programming Team. Groups generally work on old competition problems on alternate weekends, with short follow-ups during the next week.


This course started as a means to give ACM programming team members academic credit for their participation. The classwork will be designed to help these people. We will mostly work old programming team competition problems, alone and in groups, and discuss strategies for solving such problems effectively. You do not need to be interested in the official team to find these problems and the discussions about them interesting. You do NOT need to agree to be on the team to be in the class. You are welcomed to be in the class if you just want to sharpen your problem-solving and triaging skills. The competition problems are reasonable ones to work on with or without the competition. They are quite unlike typical course homework exercises: They come from all different areas, all different levels of difficulty, and the words describing them do not directly say any algorithm needed. A significant part of each problem is to classify it. Advanced students will certainly find challenging problems to work on. Students in Comp 271 should find enough to keep them productively occupied, and get a taste of more advanced techniques from class discussions.

If you do want to compete officially, see also

By enrolling in the sequence 314-315 over two years, you satisfy 3 units of elective credit in Computer Science department majors.

In keeping with the programming competition format, we will arrange a schedule to meet about every two weekends for a 5-hour practice/problem solving session, with a weekday followup discussion for 1-1.5 hours on a weekday in the following week.

The organizational meeting to agree on practice and discussion times will be in the afternoon in the first week of classes. The time will be posted.

Contact Dr. Harrington if you cannot attend that session. Try to let him know ahead of time your available weekend times through October.


Ability to work in small groups, quickly and accurately assessing and solving focused problems involving many sorts of programming knowledge.


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